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Friday, January 28, 2005

ARRESTED FOR RIDING A DIRTBIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend on Saturday night, I was just hanging out playing some Halo 2 with my roommate Rudy and Good friend Al.... When I got a call from my brothers friend Bradford... He had told me my brother brad was arrested, didn't really say why.... A little while later I get a call from my brother from jail and he said that he was arrested for riding a dirtbike because his license was suspended from a previous DWI... He was on a small 100cc dirtbike with bradford and shitbrick, They were in beavertown area when they were stopped by a Forrest ranger at gunpoint.... Brad said he thought about running but was afraid of getting shot.... After getting his info, he was cuffed and placed in the back of the rangers truck (his rights were not read to him).... The other two just got a citation for riding in a restricted area ( 50 yard away from an unmarked invisible line).... Bradford and shitbrick had promised to get him out before he was taken away.... So when Brad called he said he was being released on his own recognisence (ROR), and all I had to do was go sign for him.... I say ok I'm on the way!!!!!!! I find out the jail has moved way west about 20 miles out of town... I finally get there about 10:30 pm and the lady at the window decides to go on break, says come back at 11:15.... I am the only person there... Where the hell am I supposed to go? So I wait.... I finally fill out the paperwork and she says go wait in the parkinglot and he will be brought out to you.... I wait.... And wait... And guess what? I wait some more.... 3 hrs pass and I go back inside to that whore at the window, and ask what's the deal? She gives me a phone # to records... I call records and they tell me he has a $500 bond that has to be paid before he can be released... So I call the pimp RudeDog and ask him to look up a few bail bondsman #'s... And I get to calling.... I call the first one and they need a paycheck stub (I would have to drive all the way home then down town to his office).... So I try the next one, he said ok I don't need a paystub, but I still need to meet at his office downtown..... So I then venture to his office and wait about 45 min. Then I try to call his phone...this low life bastard stands me up... So I then just aimlessly drive around downtown and look for what I need... I finally find one..... Go inside get the bond, smooth talked my way out of needing a paystub..... Just to find out he will not be released for another 6-8 hours (the bail bondsman said).... So I go home for a nap.... A couple of hours later I get a call, PHIL!!!!!!! Is being dropped off downtown (Phil is my brother brad)... He was in full motorcycle gear, with no jacket freezing his ass off on the side of the road (where the hookers hang out) LOL!!! I find out they booked him in the main jail, and made him wear one of those orange jump suites, and he had to shower there too, with all the inmates (Don't drop the soap)!!!!! And worst of all he was not fed anything, and was starving when I picked him up.... Poor PHIL.... What a weekend!!!!!! Phil went to his Lawyer and found out you do NOT need a license to ride a offroad vehicle!!!!!! Yaeee Yaeeee..... So he will counter sue for the wrongful arrest.... Until nextime.... Please Comment below!!!!!!

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