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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BadBrad Racing WINS BIG!!!

Phil's first race was the Heavyweight Superbike(up to 750cc)... Since he turned in his enrty forms late he was slotted in the back for every race... In this race he moved to the front fast and was in 1st place the entire race... Until the last lap where he was passed in a corner and finished with a 2nd place!!!!

His second race was the Middleweight Superbike(up to 600cc)... After starting in the last row he climbed his way past 11 other riders to win a 3rd place and another place on the podium!!!
The third race was the money race the Helmet Harbor Formula Arroyo(up to 750cc)... He started out in 22nd position out of 24 racers... After passing one man after another, he made it to third place securing a spot on the podium and a small cash win!!!!

Phil's last race was the Unlimited Superbike(up to 1000cc)... Out of 7 racers and starting last he pulled through and landed another 2nd place!!! Only to be beaten by a guy on a 1000cc bike (he rides an R6 which is a 600CC)... His overall perfomance was great, and insured him to be starting up front for the next race... I have a few pictures here, the first pic is him at the large corner, the 2nd pic is him at our pits, the 3rd & 4th are him again at the big corner and passing someone... The last two pics are of him accepting his awards at the ceremony!!! Good job PHIL!!!

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