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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Finally WON.!.!.!.!

I finally won!!! Ever since my favorite radio station the Zone mysteriously vanished... (You know the station I won trips, many concerts and CD's on....) I know I got spoiled... Anyways I switched to start listening to the EDGE, It has the same type of Alternative Rock Music that I can kick ass to... LOL... Well after 2 months of calling in to try and win, I finally got through and won a CD... Called Unwritten Law... The CD is not bad, It's a newer band.... Never the less I do like the new station, but I miss the old DJ's, and also miss being able to get through on the piece of shit phone lines.... You can't win them all, but I sure as hell can try... Who knows maybe I'll win a trip to Hawaii, Las Vegas again, or some kick ass place in Europe.... (Yeah Right)....

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