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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pilot to bombadeer the hell flight is booked:: kick Becky off!!!

Hi everyone this is my friend Becky... this is a picture of her trying to raise her Hell score.. (becky you are supposed to let them lick your eyes not guard them..) LOL...She is the one I'm going to visit in DC.... Well she just took the hell test and got a 71... she was so ashamed of her score, bc she didn't want to be thought of as a goodie goodie... and her BF got a 55... (They must have tons of fun together... LOL...JK) Ok a 71 is nothing to be ashamed of, plus she would not be the lowest of the commenters... Anyways, I was tallking to her today and she told me something really funny, but said I couldn't post it or I'd be sleeping in the park with the bums in DC!!! So I come to you my loyal readers, the few that I have, to ask her to come forward with the comedy that made me almost pee my pants.... Either by making a comment here or emailing her... Tell her I sent you Email Becky! .... I know I'm walking a thin line but thats what you sometimes have to do for comedy...

On another note, the hell test has been one of my more popular posts and yes we have a new leader!!! My Awesome Shnackantaor friend Carol from AZ.... She got a 235!!! wow I'm astonished.... I would put a picture of her on her mean mtorcycle if I had one... Maybe she will email me one... P.S. my email is in the sidebar... just click the ---> or click this one.. LOL...

Oh yeah another note I put a some new ACTION in my sidebar called my guestmap... It lets you post a tack where you are in the world with a comment attached... Go ahead stick it!!! -->Where is your hood at?

Go to HELL!! (not really)

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