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Friday, February 04, 2005


This is the conversation between (HI) (which is me of course) and (I Love Dominic)(The girls without a name)...

HI says: hey
i love dominic says: hi lol
i love dominic says: unwritten law isn't a new band lol you're crazy lol
i love dominic says: they sing that seeing red song lol
HI says: i never heard of them
HI says: you should say something like thats my boyfriends favorite band, And he said its not new
i love dominic says: dominic doesn't listen to that lol
HI says: oh just church music?
i love dominic says: he likes the girly pop music lol hahah
HI says: is he gay?
i love dominic says: he is not gay lol
i love dominic says: i love lil doggies... dominic likes cats, eeww lol
HI says: is he gay?
i love dominic says: i must say he is a tad bit more feminine than the type of guy i like.
HI says: LOL!!
i love dominic says: i don't think a gay man would be first attracted to boobies lol
HI says: but maybe he is in the closet?
HI says: what if he experiments with guys in albuquerque?
i love dominic says: okay, so i wasn't gonna say this, but you keep talking and talking about it... he tried stuff with a boy like 3 years ago and yeah, so he knows lol and so i know lol i hate you lol haha
HI says: oh shit
i love dominic says: but i must say, i give him alot of crap for it lol
HI says: i can't stop laughing
i love dominic says: look what you made me tell you lol
2-3-05 New Conversation!!!!
i love dominic says: lol i hope he turns out to be gay so i can go find some canadian or some other white kid hahah lol
i love dominic says: but who knows if dominic does end up being gay lol

Ok, This College Arizona COED will remain nameless out of repect, but man are we going to have a ball with this one.... I think her boyfriend is definately in the closet... playing for both teams if you know what i mean... Either Bisexual or Gay.... She says he does lots of girly things.... And on top of that they are a long distance relationship..... I think he is putting from the rough at home and playing the straight guy when he comes to visit.... ok here we go... Time to open the comment gates... All Comments welcome... WHAT DO YOU THINK??? STAIGHT, GAY, BI, or just checking SHIT out?? (no pun intended)....Have FUN!!!!! LOL!!!
P.S. Yes she knows i posted this it was her idea...

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