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Monday, October 30, 2006


Hello everyone, this is Lucifer (Vato Jays twin brother)... Lucifer (AKA the red dragon) loves chicks who like chicks, watching girls go wild, and loves all sexy ladies...

Have you ever had, that one Halloween that just sticks out in your mind, the one where you know you had a kick ass costume and just had the most kick ass time... Well this is Lucifurs!!! I would have to say it was mine too... This was Halloween '01, and it took place at Rude Dogs old house... No not that one, the one before that one, remember? lol...

It was so good I can't remember if maximus DJ 'ed or not, but I know he was there... LOL
... As you can see I dressed up as a fat ass cowboy!!! I would have to say I look at least 600 pounds or so.. lol... I think what made this Halloween so awesome was that everyone was there and had kick ass costumes... My brother and cousin jay dressed up as cheerleaders, but the scary thing was Phil looked exactly like my mom... CREEEEPY!!!! lol...

I think Lucifer loved this Halloween bc well he hooked up with like 5 or 8 different chicks, got plastered, and ended up passed out with some random cheerleaders wig... LOL... What makes a great Halloween party is when you get so shit faced and then see pictures that just make you think what the fuck did I do!!! jk... Or am I????

I do remember that some time during the night I lost all of my weight, bc shit it's fucking hot as hell being that fat.. lol...

Happy "late" Halloween!!!


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