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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Day I Met Mike!!!

Me: Yo Tyson, what's up?
Mike: Yo
Me: Dude, I kicked your ass all the time playing punch out on Nintendo...
Mike: Man that's not cool, I'm gonna call my mom and tell on you...
Me: Man just say cheese, while my friend takes a pic!!!
Mike: Hell no man, I told you I'm callin my momma damn it!!!
Me: Mike calm down man, tons of people kicked your ass playing that game.. I mean, you are acting like I said that tattoo on your face looks retarded...
Mike: What? my tattoo is my favorite thing in the whole world, now I'm gonna kick your ass sucka!!!
Me: Hey now hold on a minute, I didn't say you tattoo looks retarded, I said you were acting as if I said it did...
Mike: oh sorry, sometimes word gets me confused..
Me: I bet.. So do you miss the days when everyone played your punchout game?
Mike: Yeah I do, that's why I created Mike Tyson's punchout 2 for Nintendo Wii..
Me: Are you kidding me? Do any of the old characters make a comeback, like bald bull, king hippo, or sodapopinski?
Mike: Oh hell no, in punchout 2 you don't fight me, you are me, and you get to fight all girls!!!
Me: Girls? what do you mean fight all girls?
Mike: Well since they won't let me box girls in real life, I decided to fight them in my new video game!!!
Me: Are you fucking kidding me?
Mike: Hell no!!! And the best thing about it is with the new Nintendo Wii motion controller you can choose to either punch the girl or pimp slap her!!!!

Me: What the hell? Do you get to bite her ear off too?
Mike: What you talkin about I don't bite ears off sucka.. Now you done pissed Mike off!!! I really gonna kick yo ass now!!!
Me: Mike your game sucks ass!!! You are retarded!! Later man!!! Oh and your tattoo really does look retarded!!! LOL.. OK time to run....


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