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Friday, February 11, 2005

It smells like shit everywhere...

Well my mom went out of town skiing this weekend... So my brother Phil and I are watching her dog Alaska for the weekend... Well last night the dog slept in phils room in her cage, and at about 6:30 am he woke up to the sound and smell of the dog sharting (when someone farts and shit comes out)... Yes people the dog had the runs and fuck an A, the whole house smells like shit... So he wakes me up and says he is fed up with the dog and tells me to deal with her, bc he has to go to work... ( oh yeah it smells the worst in his room) LOL... He said he almost threw up when he cleaned his carpet, and I was dying laughing... Always some kind of comedy right... I washed the crap off the dog and I am waiting... So here I am stuck at home until he gets here..... LOL... What a day... Good Times.... "I wish I was snowboarding right now instead of smelling poop".....

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