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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Almost There... Almost There....

...It happened so fast
there really
wasn't time to react...
...Man I wish I had this on camera...

Last Saturday me(right) Phil (left), and Rude Dog (center) took a trip to angelfire for our snowboard season finale!!! This was a great trip lots of shredding freshie fresh, and Big Air.... Something very funny happened this trip... (Nope Rudy remembered his gloves this time....) LOL... Well there is this run off the ridge called NITRO, and the only way to get there is to be towed by a snowmobile... If you can imagine, the snowmobile tows 6 people, two ropes, 3 on each side... When it finally became our turn there were only five people left.... So on the left was Rudy, then Phil, and on the right was a random guy then me and another guy behind me... So we start being towed and everything is going great... About 3/4 the way there, Rudy catches an edge and takes out Phil then me... The snowmobile takes off with the other two... LOL.. Man I wish I had got this on camera.... It happened so fast there really wasn't time to react.... The snowmobile guy comes back for us after dropping off the other two and tells Rudy to sit on the back seat like his girlfriend or something... LOL... And said he would be right back for Phil and I... He did, and towed us the rest of the way... Ya know, I thought about jumping him but thought I might land on him... LOL... He would have some skid marks.... Chicks like Rude Dogs with scars.. LOL



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