"When I choose a restaurant, I like to know who else eats there!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dos Amigos (or Twinzies LOL)

...He says NO!!
without hesitation and lets us park at his house
in a locked gatedparkinglot...

I want to tell you all about a great place to eat in Espanola New Mexico.... It's Called Dos Amigos, Two of my very good friends (Dustin & Duane.... You guessed it they are twins...), and fraternity brothers own this restaurant... On the way back from our

Angelfire snowboard trip we stopped in for a beer and some awesome food.... If you are ever in the area this place is a must... Good Service + Good Food & Drink = Good Times!!!! The pic on the left is their newspaper editorial from when they first opened, and on the right Is Duane (or twin 1 or wait was it 2? Hell who knows... LOL) As we pulled up we see Duane leaving and we tell him we have our snowboards in the back, and ask if they will be safe... He says NO!! Without hesitation and lets us park at his house behind the restaurant in a locked gated parking lot... LOL.. Now that's comedy!!! Don't let the Espanola bandits stop you from eating good food... LOL


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