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Monday, April 18, 2005

Finesse wins again!

We started off Friday with happy hour at a pool hall called Anodyne.... It was definitely relaxing pool and beer, a good combo... After getting my ass kicked by the pool shark Finesse (AKA RUDY), Well he demanded that he be called that bc he said his game was smooth... LOL... Next we head over to the Library, no not to study lol.... There is a new bar that opened up called the library, where they have waitresses in school girl outfits dance on the bar... Man and they have some good looking schoolgirls, but sad to say that was all the action that was in there.... So Finesse and I sit at the bar and get a couple of drinks, the what do you know a couple a decent(not hot but doable) girlies sit next to us... I at first just do some eye flirting, then a bouncer asks us to move over bc the girls are about to dance on the bar....

This is when I make my move, I tell her that it's illegal for women to watch and not participate.... She thought that was cute and flipped her hair and started to flirt back... After introducing the girls to Rudy/Finesse I notice that her friend is a lot hotter than her... So Rudy has the great idea of buying them a drink(NEVER BUY A GIRL A DRINK UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM)... So they of course get even more talkative and start spilling some info... Well girl #1(closest to me) is recently divorced with 4 kids, red flags pop up everywhere... This makes me wonder about her friend so I throw out some obvious questions to her and find out she is married with two kids.... Rudy says he should have never bought them drinks, and I laugh.... Not a second later one of the waitresses comes up and just randomly hugs me, what do you know it's Jenner (Phil's EX)... Yep she started yapping to us about how cool it is to be a naughty school girl... Then she vanished and appeared above Rudy dancing on the bar... LOL... She actually ran but vanished sounds better... While dancing she kept looking down at us... LOL And knowing we could see her thong under her skirt...

Finesse said in a serious look "I would BANG everyone of those girls dancing up there"... Hey I would too.... Our next stop was a bar called Malony's it was pretty dead, we stayed for a beer then left... Moved on to the Distillery, it was also dead but I saw a couple potentials and tried my luck... Well my luck sucked... This cute little blonde said I'll be right back and I said don't bother, bc to be honest girls never come back unless you are Brad Pitt...

We tried two other places I won't even mention, bc it's just too embarrassing bc there were 2 people in both places... By this time it was about 1AM, and we decide to call it quits... What's funny is I got some pics with my cell phone and this one of Finesse playing pool was the only one that turned out.... But today I bought a new digital camera for my DC trip in may... So my pics now will be on HIT!!!!

this was my Friday night, mediocre but fun.... How was your Friday?


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