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Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring Fever = Beaver Fever

Yes it is that time of year again... Spring time... When girls start wearing skimpy clothes!!!! Oh yeah my favorite time of year.... And yes Beaver Fever has hit the bachelor pad with full force... So bad that my roommate who never talks, and wakes up at 5:30 AM everyday for work, asks if I want to go out on Thursday night...LOL.... If that's not Beaver Fever then I don't know what is... LOL

So the three of us (Rudy, Phil, and Me) end up going to a bar called the tavern... Hey you can't beat $2 beers, at least in this city... Around 9:30 we end up there and start drinking.... Not much action at all.... This girl and her sister sit at the bar next to the three of us.... One of them gives me a glance, and I go over to her ask her if she could stop giving me dirty looks... LOL... She laughed and introduced me to her sister.... We talk for about 20 minutes and I get her laughing pretty good.... Dude she shows me her knuckles and says the last time she was at that bar she beat up some girl... (OK at this point I start thinking was this hot girl bullshitting me, or did she just get out of jail... LOL)...

Now I ask her if she will be my bodyguard so I can talk shit to people after I'm drunk... LOL... She liked that Idea, just after that a guy walks up behind her and starts talking to her sister... She notices and freaks out... She says that's her boyfriend/ that's she is trying to break up with, but she likes me and wants me to meet her there at the tavern on Tuesday night... I smile and nod as she pats my ass and walks away... A little while after we go to the bar next door called Cowboys (a country bar obviously).... Definitely more packed than the tavern... We get a round of beer then I see this hot girl that had to be like 4'8 (total midget)... So I go over to the midget and ask her to dance, she flat out says no!!!! Not no thanks or maybe later... LOL.. I got totally denied by a midget... LOL... Wow good times.... The rest of the night went ok, but only danced once.... Mainly because this city is the sewer of social life, and mediocre girls think they are Paris Hilton or something (not that she is hot but have her attitude and think they are the show!!!).... And most of them have 4 kids bc they got knocked up at 14.... LOL this city is so ghetto!!!

Anyways, today I was asked if I was single by a girl at work.... She says not for her but wants to know for a coworker of hers... I said that I was, and walked off laughing... But in the back of my head besides being flattered, I was thinking damn are we still in high school??? Maybe it was for her but she was afraid??? Why do some girls have to do that crap? To me that is a total turn off... I think if guys have to ask out girls, that's it should go the same for girls... So I would probably not do anything bc of the fact she didn't have the guts to ask herself... Plus she is probably nasty bc there are not many hotties at my work and knowing my luck she will either look like or be the girl that asked... Nasty!!! flattering nevertheless...

So should I go to the tavern to meet the ass kicking hottie?


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