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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Maynard James Keenan finds Jesus?

Maynard was out "location scouting" near the Fourth Street bridge in downtown Los Angeles when he "found Jesus." and will leave both bands... Well I didn't know he was lost!!! LOL....

Are you kidding me? This better be an April fool joke, being that it was written on April first.... And he usually plays jokes this time of year... I could just see him going to help the pilgrim's cry.. LOL

This just in!!!

On Thursday morning, Keenan 'fessed up to the world on the Tool Web site, and in a final e-mail to MTV News, he said: "I was actually quite surprised people bought it. Especially considering most of the subject matter of my work. 'Judith,' for example. I guess when I said 'fuck your god,' I didn't mean the actual God. Just the god of sheep who lack a sense of humor."

LOL I knew it was a hoax.... He is too smart for that... LOL...

Good Times, and Cheers,

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