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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Got Sneakers?

Ok lets say you are taking a trip to a couple of cities where you know you will be doing lots and lots of walking... What kind of shoes would you bring? Me I wouldn't leave home without my tennis shoes... Comfort is huge with me... Well the weather wasn't the best either it was really cold at times too... So goose tells me that all she brought were high heels and sandals on the trip... All open toe strappy things... I just can't understand this, maybe it's just bc I'm a guy? She also tells me that she only wears sneakers when she works out... Man, with all the walking we did, I would say it was a work out... LOL... By the end of our trip Goose had a blister the size of Africa on her foot, and no she wouldn't let me take a picture of it bc she didn't want her blister foot on the action site... LOL... Could someone out there please explain to me why women do these things? None of this makes any sense to me... I swear I will never understand women!!!!

p.s. that is a picture of Goose doing the Goose dance at a bar called Tom Tom's in Adams Morgan in DC...


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