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Thursday, April 28, 2005


***THE SMURF FILES....***Hello my name is Yakuza Smurf, and this is my smurfy tale about smurfs... One day me and Boozy Smurf were smurfing down the road when we saw a couple of smurfs we wanted to smurf... It was Talk to the Hand Smurf, and her friend Radioactive Smurf... Well Boozy Smurf went and gave Talk to the Hand Smurf a good smurf on her smurf... At the same time I tried on of Boozy Smurfs pimp lines on Radioactive Smurf... Lets just say these hot smurfs were smurfing us... I was smurfed, and asked the hot smurfs to come over to my mushroom... After lots of smurfing on the way to my mushroom, we finally get there... Only to find Naughty Smurf was smurfing down with all kinds of smurfs... Some of the smurfs that were there were, Colicky Smurf, Jojoba Smurf, Kung Pao Smurf, Stickleback Smurf, Q*Bert Smurf, Erectile Dysfunction Smurf, Ichabod Smurf, Stanky Smurf, Stoolie Smurf, Man-Eating Smurf, Insatiable Smurf, Deadly Smurf, Yahweh Smurf, Hannibal Smurf,and Ibn al' Smurf... There were more smurfs than that smurfing on the smurf floor, If I forgot to smurf you I'm sorry... So me and Boozy Smurf start drinking some smurf and get smurfed up... Boozy Smurf starts good smurfing every smurf in site... Naughty Smurf is smurfing Q*Bert Smurf in the corner... Next thing I see is Kung Pao Smurf, and Ichabod Smurf throwing smurfs into the pool to get their smurf on... SMURFS are SMURFING EVERYWHERE!!!! So I grab my cup of smurf and smurf it down, and take Radioactive Smurf into the pool to smurf... The intense smurfing of evrery smurf is just getting crazy... All the sudden I smurf out cold... When I woke up in the morning I was green.... LOL

Good Times...
If you didn't like this, SMURF YOU!!!! SMURF MY SMURF, and SMURF off a SMURF AND SMURF!!!
If you want to find out if you were at the party check here --->check your smurf name here!!!


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