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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wanna Swim?

Having a swimming pool in the back yard definitely has it's benefits... But sometimes crazy stuff can happen... We had some people over the other weekend, and when you have a pool people get thrown in for some reason... LOL... After it stopped raining, yep raining! Everyone wanted to swim... Well not everyone wanted too... But they just needed a little convincing... LOL...

After the majority of the people got in, my friend Greg decides to toss the girl he brought in the pool because she needed to get wet... LOL...All the sudden out of nowhere my friend Dave's wife pushes Greg in without hesitation... I guess she thought it was ok because he threw that girl in... Well Greg is a big guy like around 300 lbs or so, and when he went down he slammed the side of the pool because he tried to catch himself, and not only got a huge bruise out of he deal, but his phone, and his car alarm got ruined... LOL... Poor guy...

Well not only bad things happen in/by the pool... People obviously get felt up too... LOL... That's right JoePat strikes again... Not only does he get to drink beer and party!!! He also gets a hand job by the pool... LOL... I knew he wore those easy access jeans for a reason.... JoePat just wants to hang out with his wang out... LOL... These things just make you forget all about the little bastard kid next door... LOL...

Later on in the night, the girl that Greg brought started coming on to good ol Rude Dog... This I thought was awesome, because Rude Dog needs some action!!!! I guess Greg had lied to us because he said they were just friends... And when she got friendly with Dog he freaked out, and got mad at her... LOL... Wow, I mean he should have said something earlier right? His night sucked ass, but mine didn't!!! Oh and for the local readers that hang out in town please don't mention the ACTION!!!! to any hotties that may be with me.... You all ROCK!!!!I give that party 2 thumbs up with a farmer tan!!! Good Times!!!

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