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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The bastard kid next door!!!!

Last weekend I walk in the back yard, and see a shit load of large rocks and bricks in my back yard... I know exactly where they came from, It's our little bastard neighbor kid... Since we bought the house this little bastard has been throwing rocks and bricks in our backyard, in the pool, and clogged our pool drain...

Well the first time I caught him doing it was when we were painting before moving in... I go outside and tell him to stop throwing rock or I'll tell his dad... LOL.. Well the little bastard is not so bright I find out, he then throws the rocks at me instead!!! Oh that did it, I start flicking paint at the little bastard for about 10 min while he pelts me with rocks.. Then I finally get some paint in his eye, YES!!!!! And the little bastard goes in crying... A couple days later his dad comes by and we end up settling it...

Not 3 weeks later the little bastard strikes again... After prying off our pool drain grate, he dumps rocks down it and clogs it... Oh this pissed Phil off so bad... LOL.. Phil and I went next door and made the dad unclog the drain... He did it and I thought all was cool, until last weekend when we found all of these bricks everywhere... I had to stop Phil from throwing the bricks through the neighbors window, he was so pissed... So now I think we will raise the back wall to about 10 feet high or so... I want to somehow give the little bastard a shock of electricity every time he throws rock over, any Ideas how I can do this?

Please someone shoot my neighbor...

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