"When I choose a restaurant, I like to know who else eats there!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You say it's your Birthday? Well it's my birthday too yeah!!!

come and listen to a story about a woman named Rachael red
a rich cytokid that always flicked her sisters head
then one day she was blowin up rubber bags
and in my space they were thrown like rags

Balloons that is, small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck

well the first thing you know Firecracker's helpin out
kinfolk said "What's all this about?"
said "surprisin craig is what were doin see"
so they loaded up my desk with action for me...

banners that is, happy birthday sayin, shiney things...

Rach & Firecracker are Awesome!!!!
Yep my two favorite sisters...
Good Times...
I wish I had more friends like you guys...

Both of you are Priceless...

Thank you guys so much, you made the day after my birthday the most kick ass day of the year!!!!
You both ROCK!!!!


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