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Thursday, January 12, 2006

will she, or will she not, have the will to do will?

Hello and welcome to another episode of , will you fuck Will?
firecracker: how well rach knows me
rach: i foresee that you will never fuck will
rach: that's how well i know you

ME: poor will
ME: will just wants a little bit
ME: not a lot just a little bit
rach: he's been contaminated by the amazon
rach: firecracker doesn't want sloppy seconds

firecracker: no i wouldn't have fucked will anyway,
firecracker: but yeah after her he has even less of a chance
rach: i win
rach: 200 points

firecracker: lol
firecracker: its ok, now will wants jenn anyway
firecracker: so i've passed him on to someone else
ME: he would eat the corn out of your shit and you
wouldn't do him at least once?
firecracker: NO
ME: I mean come on he worships you
rach: jenn is sooooooooo out of his league
firecracker: not anymore now he worships jenn
ME: not even a mercy bone?
rach: ick, is that like a pity fuck?
ME: what if he was dying and that was his last wish,
would you then?
firecracker: no
firecracker: i am not a guy, girls, or the girls i know don't give it up like that
ME: but you care about him right?
firecracker: as a friend
firecracker: not a fuck buddy

rach: if he was terminally ill maybe you could give him a hand job...
ME: yeah
ME: a hand job
rach: while watching tv or something
ME: you could always wear gloves, for safe hand sex
firecracker: no
firecracker: no

firecracker: no

firecracker: good bye

rach: LMAO
*** firecracker has left the conversation.
rach: you made her mad
ME: you did too
rach: yup
rach: but that's my job

rach: poor will...not even a hand job

ME: LOL poor guy
rach: of course if what he says is true firecracker would have had to use both hands...

Next week, will we find out if she really doesn't want to, or really doesn't want to?


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