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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I WON TOO!!!!!

Hey gang, I want everyone who reads my site to go over and comment on the almighty MEGA post on Janes site, OH yeah I won the bet!!!! I get to have the longhorns logo in the sidebar for 4 weeks, and my MEGA POST up for 1 week!!!!

That's what happens when a condom gets into it with a Longhorn, it gets BUSTED!!!!! LMFAO...


Oh I ALmost forgot about my other bet, OH yes!!! It was with BIG AL...
Big AL actually had the stones to bet me real money, and we're not talking monopoly pesos here people... LOL... At first he wanted to bet a C note, but that was a little to rich for my blood... So we settled for $20, and what do you know, NOW I'm $20 Richer!!!!!

How does that song go? "Money, Money, Money"!!! ALl the sudden I feel like ... LOL... Hey AL, look to the right Vince is laughin at your ass... LOL....

LONGHORNS #1!!!!!!!
Hook'em Horns!!!!

Good Times...

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