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Friday, February 25, 2005

Did you say HOOTERS?

Today me and Vato Jay ate lunch at HOOTERS...(this is Vato Jay).. Wings and girls with skimpy clothes what a combo.. LOL... Vato was really excited because it was army day at hooters, and they all had camouflage shorts...This also made him think that their Butts were invisible.. LOL.. Anyways, our waitress loved him and even sat at our table just to give him some personal attention... I wonder, was he looking at here eyes?

HMMMM I don't know... LOL...Lets see, I think NOT... well she had small ones but they were still nice... I wish I had got a better shot... OH WELL.. Oh but I did get this nice shot of her camouflage shorts... LOL.. I am all CIA with my phone..


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