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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's almost like playing a video game.

Today at work we got a visit from CYTYC, this is the company that makes thinprep... Well they brought a new demonstration of the ThinPrep® Imaging System... It was so awesome... It was like playing a video game at work...LOL... They had their demonstration on a bus it was f***king cool.. not only did we get to play on these sweet new high tech toys but they also fed us lunch.... Thats a huge score in my book... Later on that day The head Pathologist told me that we will be getting these new toys in like a year or so, and we will each have one at our desk, so we will have 2 microscopes (this new one for thinprep, and the old one for conv.)...

"Cytotechnologists review every slide with the ThinPrep Imaging System Review Scopes. The Review Scope automatically takes the Cytotechnologist to each FOV in geographic order. The Cytotechnologist evaluates each FOV, either selecting and electronically marking those areas that require further Pathologist review, or determining that the slide is negative and signing the case out. By directing the Cytotechnologist to 22 FOVs on a slide, the amount of time required to screen a ThinPrep Pap Test slide is dramatically reduced. "
For more info click here ==>New Toys from CYTYC

It even mark the slide for you, I felt spoiled rotten... LOL!!!

I guess its time to buy stock in CYTYC... LOL


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