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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dave Matthews Grabbed his Action on the Tonight Show...

Dave Matthews appeared as guest of Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Thursday, February 17th, promoting the movie, Because of Winn Dixie, which will make its theatrical debut on Friday, February 18th. In the movie, Dave Matthews plays a quirky pet store clerk, charming pets with songs on his guitar. Dave's character also performs an original song in the movie entitled, "Butterfly". I can't wait to hear that song!
Before he started his interview, he stood up and grabbed his Johnson and grunted... Then he sat back down and said he had to do that for a bet... So that the guy he bet to grab his johnson on the tonight show would produce a movie he wants made... LOL... I thought that was hilarious... He actually had a really funny interview, and said he wants to start acting... Go figure... Doesn't every musician want to be a movie star and vise vera these days... Oh well if he keeps up the funny biz, I think he will do fine... As long as he doesn't stop pumping out the music I won't be pissed...
Anyways Cheers, and have a good weekend!!!

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