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Monday, February 21, 2005

Paris Hilton's Phone Hacked... LOL!!!

Yes that's right Paris Hilton's phone was hacked... This is so funny she is never going to get another celebrity's phone number again... LOL!!! I don't care how slutty she is... LOL... This morning on a local radio station, they got a hold of some Number and were calling them... It was so funny... They actually got a hilarious voice message from Ashley Margolis, and Jessica Simpson..... They Got to talk to Vin diesel, He said he was getting into the shower, and asked if the morning show guys had anything better to do.... They told him that the reason he was getting a bunch of crazy calls is because of Paris Hilton, he then got pissed and hung up the phone... LOL... Now that's Comedy!!!! Here are some LINKS to check out...


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