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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Look in my sidebar...

Have you ever just had a question, but no one to ask? Well, now I have given to you one of the best advice givers in the entire planet... My brother Phil... Yes people, if you have questions about relationships (does he like me even though I'm not a virgin?).. or how to do a wheelie on a motorcycle in third gear on the freeway... How do I rebuild a carburetor? or I'm broke how can I get some money? He can give you great solutions to life's crazy or normal questions.... Hell he gives me advice every day... Just click his picture under the (got a question ask Phil?) and send him an email.... You can ask him anything!!!
I have also put a section to debut some of my best friends songs, in (Andy Fossum's corner)... Just push play and turn your speakers up... You just might laugh!!! If you like a song and want to say so, email Phil, or ask Phil what the song means...

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