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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Gas Prices SUCK!!!

Yeah today I filled up my gas tank in my Toyota Tacoma, and I almost had a heart attack... I just want to say gas prices suck my ass!!!!! I am so glad that I have a motorcycle, and will be riding it soooooooooooon, not only bc I want to, but bc I will have too.... Either that or start making porn for gas money... LOL !!!!
I wish we could just piss in the tank to run our vehicles... Wouldn't that be nice... Wait hold on let me chug another beer I 'm almost on empty... LOL
It looks like this guy has the right idea... It would just suck for girls... Just picture that one.. " OMG Becky we are on empty, and it's totally your turn to fill up the Volvo, no way Kelin it's your turn.. Slap, Slap!!!!" LOL FF

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