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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I'm Trying Haloscan Comments...

*** UPDATE*** due to the unpopularity of the haloscan comments I have removed them. So we will now stick with the old ones ***** thanks for all of your help,email and comments!!!!

Ok Peeps, I'm going to give a new commenting system a whirl... It's called Haloscan, it also has a trackback feature which lets me give props to the ones I get stuff from.... So basically I want all my loyal reader to let me know which commenting system you like better... The old one or the new one? Or maybe I'll keep both If its a toss up, who knows... But please help me out on this one.... The pros and cons on my end, that I can see are...

1. Have to pay for full version

2. No email when I get a comment

1. I can design the comment page

2. It's supposed to be more convenient for you, I'll let you decide that one!!!!

I'm keeping the trackback feature no matter what...
if I think of more I'll update it...

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