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Monday, April 04, 2005

Does she want a Green Card or ACTION?

...Ach will ja
dieses deutsche
Mädchen eine harte

This girl here, she just randomly started talking to me on messenger.... I was kinda caught off guard at first , but I'm a huge flirt so I went with it.... She is from Germany, and yep she speaks broken English.... Well I asked how she found me, and all she said was she did a search and found me... LOL... I was all saying to myself "really"... So then I start thinking, damn does this chick want a green card or what? LOL... So what do you guys think? CUTE? UGLY? One thing I thought was weird is that she was very pushy about exchanging pics... LOL.. She wants to make sure I'm not a fat ass... LOL... So should I get her to fly here for some SHNACKY? "Ach will ja dieses deutsche Mädchen eine harte Fleischeinspritzung" whats funny is this is probably like her grandaughters pic, and she's like 90 or something...LOL... That's the internet for you....


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