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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Girl on Girl action? Cheers!!!!

The first Night in DC was a blast, Electra and GG took us out in Georgetown pretty much after the airport... We went to a place called the Rhino bar, but I didn't meet any horny women... LOL... Good company = Good Times!!! The roomies sure know how to party....Well I did take a picture of this ass for everyone... But mainly bc she was GG's twin and wanted to beaver bang her many times... LOL... Sometimes girls in college are confused and want to experiment with other girls is that so wrong? I would have been content with just watching.... GG just needed to loosed up and be open minded with that little twin of hers... GG's friend Ken and I just wanted ringside seats... LOL... GG didn't take her home, but if she did man would I have some good pics for everyone... LOL... Maybe I'll get some crazy girl on girl action footage next time...

Cheers, from me and the Goose on the left!!!

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