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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Wicked Boston Hottie...

A few of the commenters have mentioned the Wicked Boston hottie... Well where do I start?.... Ok It's my last night in DC and my luck with the girlies this far is non existent... So the ACTION crew and I decide to party in a part of DC called Adams Morgan, in a bar called Tom Tom's... This place was nice with hot girls everywhere... So I leave the crew for a while to check out the place a little more....When I stumble upon this Hottie named Rachel who is from Boston... We hit it off right away, and talked most of the night... I put the comedy skills to work and she loved it!!! The talking ended up with some tongue tango later on in the night, which was Wicked HOT!!! Then she had to go, because of an early drive back to Boston... But we have kept in touch by phone and email... I will try to get her to come to my neck of the woods for a visit!!!! That would be Wicked sweet... Oh yeah and every other word is "wicked" in her vocabulary... I like it!!!

Good Times,

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