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Monday, May 23, 2005

Rachael and her Silent sex puppet...

Saturday night I went to my friend Rachael's house to play cards... This was good times... There were about 15 or so people there it was cool and low key... Well Rachael had met this guy from her aunt, and she said they were hitting it off pretty good... Well he made it to the party that night which was good for her... Except he doesn't talk much, and I think this made her kinda frustrated... She almost popped her cleavage enhancing air packs,(that I called Ice packs) out of anxiety ... LOL... I think it was mainly bc the guy and his friend wouldn't loosen up and have a drink.... In the picture above I think it looks like he is making a move on Rachael, but Amber was the one who took the picture so only she knows the truth... LOL...

I'm glad I didn't make too much of an ass outa myself.... I was invited back by Rachaels sister, actually she put it like this "you have to come over more, yeah Craig I'm talking to you!!!" LOL... "Amber's a little firecracker" is how her sister puts it... Well I could make them laugh that's all that matters...


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