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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SHNACKY of the WEEK!!!

A GIRL!!!!

*** Disclaimer***
I am not resonsible for any Divorces, breakups or annulments...

Please do not refer any Husbands, boyfriends, or Lesbien lovers to this site... For fear of disaster... My Views are my own, and I will not be swayed to change my views... EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE!!!!

Good Times!!!!

This girl is Wicked Hot!!! She is my first anonymous Shnacky, and the first that I've met... I have to keep her Identity hidden because she is way too hot to expose... When I first met this girl I got shivers down my spine (good ones that make your eyes pop out while you scope the goods)... LOL.. She is also funny as shit which makes a great combination.... SEXY AND FUNNY!!! WOW... And damn can she dance... So as you can tell I have a huge crush on this sexy stud... LOL.. I just want to Australian kiss her for about 3 hours or until her legs go numb... LOL... And bite her BUTT, So I can hear her scream F*CK out loud one more time!!! Here are some sexy pics of the night I developed my crush... Damn that cleavage shot is amazing... What a sexy package!!!! Oh and she has a cute lisp to go with it all...

P.S. Shmitty definitely approves of this action and wants a sample... LOL

*********** SHNACKY AMENDMENT*************

Ok I forgot a huge sexy part of this woman, (her Neck), perfect for nibbling on, or licking for any purpose (like doing a body shot !!!)... WoW damn is she hot!!! Oh yeah props to all of you for figuring out who she is... For being so smart here is another sexy pic of her with me.... I will have good dreams tonight... LOL


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