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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Lake List...

- Going to the lake- $30
- Getting Rude Dog to drive- PRICELESS

- A 30 pack of beer- $20
- Having Phil puke in the tent right next to me, and having that great smell ALL NIGHT and almost puking myself- PRICELESS

- Zachal bringing a Hoomba (a high maintenance girl) to the lake- an extra $70
- Big Al getting buzzed and spending the entire day with her on the jetski, and employing her in his web design company- PRICELESS

- Me learning to wake board- $30
- Me face planting after trying to show off- PRICELESS

- Nova, flying a girl from Las Vegas Nevada down for the lake adventure- around $200
- Nova finding out she doesn't use deodorant and has very smelly armpits- PRICELESS


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