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Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Acting Debut!!!

I have my first speaking role in a ... I was in a movie before called , and I was a rave dancer with glowsticks dancing in the background, while Phil had the actual speaking role... He was a parking attendant who gave directions.... This is a picture of him next to his trailer... What a star!!!

The new movie I'm in is an called ""... I play the role of a porn store worker named Chuck that gives some crude advice to a friend that's on a date with a woman from the internet... My comical character gives his 2 cents and then is quickly called away for a "code cream" cleanup, if you know what I mean... LOL...

Well on December the 20th my friend is going to premiere Mismatch.com at Laff's comedy club at 7 pm... So to all of my friends in town I would like to invite you to come laugh, hang out, and watch my friends independent film....

P.S. Check out Mischa Barton from the OC get down all sexy for some jeans... The question is how do I get her to do that for me? LOL!!!!

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