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Friday, November 18, 2005

SHNACKY of the WEEK!!!

Well MLAH, ask and you shall receive... I love boobs too... LOL... Here is the one and only yeah that's right USA!!!! And man is she scorchin!!! What the hell did she ever see in that tool Carson Daily? LOL...

Tara has been in some kick ass movie like , , and just to name a few...

But we all know she is mostly famous for her in public life she calls reality... LOL... I wouldn't say she is girlfriend material, but damn would she be a fun ride!!!! Oh and don't forget she is now corrupting too!!!

So will Bill be getting from Tara now? And will Hillarys future dreams of being the first woman president be destroyed by the lifestyle of her drunken partying daughter and her mentor Tara?


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