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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Blogroll and Readers!!! THANKS!!!!

Let me start by saying thanks, to the few readers I have!!!! You Guys rock!!!!
Here are the readers that I know of without blogs:
Phil - Phil is my brother, a bad ass MO FO, and my best friend.... He mainly reads BC I write about him a lot... LOL... Oh and if you need advice on anything just ask him...
Rach - She is my Pimpin friend that works, and ditches work to watch movies with me... Always has a witty comment, even if my post sucks... LOL... Even if she looks stoned in her picture.... LMFAO...
Firecracker - where do I start... LOL... If her name doesn't give it away, she is a spunky girl that will eat you alive if you let her..... You have been warned!!! LOL... Oh and she loves to wear my kickball clothes..
Big AL - He is a best bud of mine, and a relationship expert... He just may have a book coming out who knows? Plus he is an awesome web designer, so if you need a web page , or even a blog page, he's your man!!!
MOM - My mom is the best!!!! This is a good way for her to keep tabs on me, and well make her laugh too...
Little Quan - Somehow I think I entertain her, But the again I think she would laugh at almost anything....
Andy - Andy is another one of my best buds that goes to dental school in Houston... He also sings funny songs.... I just added a new music player to my site with a few of his songs on it in the sidebar.... Push play and check 'em out....
*** People who I forgot but are very very important readers****
who just saved me from cortez
Mrs. Robinson-
Who gives awesome back rubs
Rude Dog-
My homie and roomie

And here are my readers with Blogs!!!!

GIGI - She is one of my blog offspring!!! Yep my retarded influence started her on her own blog journey... Check her out sometime... She is the only HOT girl I know to say the FUCK every other word when she gets excited.... LOL... Plus she was my first non famous shnacky of the week...
GOOSE!! - Goose is another one of my offspring...Damn I'm good at creating bloggers.. LOL... Goose is another one of my best buds that lives in Austin, one on my favorite cities... But recently she has been addicted to blogging and had to go into rehab (blogaholics Anonymous) for a short while, but now she is better...
Jane - Jane is a wonderful Woman... She always has a cool story to tell, plus she is very sympathetic and caring... & never afraid to tell you like it is!!!!! Thanks Jane you ROCK...
Pam - Pam is an artist who use to live here in ABQ a while back... She somehow stumbled upon my site and has been one of my favorite readers ever since... I am currently on a mission to find crazy unique cars for her, that only this city can provide... I've found one so far, and still on the lookout for more... Plus she is Phil's favorite person to give advice to...
Shabooty - Shabooty is one of my blog mentors... When I was first a little blogling, he showed me the ways of the blog by answering all of my retarded questions... LOL... His site is off the hook funny as hell...
Gayle - Is the fist Blogger I've met in real life... She is my new York up and coming famous comedian... Tell her I sent ya...
MLAH - MLAH loves BOOBIES!!!!! And I have to agree with him on that topic... LOL... Plus he came up with a cool idea of me starting a Shnacky carnival... And that will kick ass!!!!
E - She is the only Blogger to ever type dirty to me... Yes very dirty, like spank me dirty... LOL
Dan - Dan I think found me through Jane, but he has turned out to be a great commenter.... He's got some pretty cool stripper stories too... LOL..

My newbies that I have just started checking out & vise versa, AND Fucking Rock...
Sexy AW
Rocky the funny man
Bisch the man with a sexy nurse
Jimmy right next to down under
The modern guy
Tom Space Man

And here is the King of blogging, I doubt he ever reads my site but that's because he's famous...
Tony Pierce

If you read my site and I have forgotten you I'm sorry, please let me know so I can add you...

Thanks again!!!!

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