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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What's comes to mind when you hear Bachelor Party?

The first things to pop into my mind are Boobs!!! Gold poles, black lights, night time, lots of beer, boob glitter, a hand full of one dollar bills, definitely lots of hot women everywhere!!!

To my surprise none of this happened... That's right, no night out on the town... I almost thought I was on some fucked up episode of the twilight zone... LOL.. As you can tell from the pic the bachelor party was during the day... There was lots of food.... Lots of half naked dudes... Lots of sand.. Lots of sun... Lots of salt water... Lots of beer!!! (this was a good thing)....

What really sucked in my opinion was that there was lots of kids... Out of all the beaches in California they choose the one that is a family non surfing beach, not a hot chick surfing beach..What a beach!!! Given the situation, everyone started getting blitzed... Drunken people in the ocean is actually an extremely funny thing to see... LOL... Everyone getting pushed down from the waves was a sight...

Half way through the day Mr groom started freaking out about having a sunburned face for the next day... Hmmm maybe that's why most bachelor parties are nocturnal breast loving swarayes? One thing you can count on with lots of guys hammered off their ass and no pussy around is, fighting... Everyone all the sudden was a drunken UFC fighter... LOL... Well ok not everyone, but Phil and this other guy were... See, boobies keep the peace, ALWAYS!!!!

Peace and boobies for everyone,

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