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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The plane, the plane!!!!

Wait I mean the boat, the boat!!! LOL... Our next day on the coast we decide to go check out Catalina Island... There are only 2 ways to get to the island, by chopper or boat... Since the boat was 1/3 the price we took the boat over... It was cool, hell we got a free beer on the boat, and got to bullshit with some local islanders...

Catalina island isn't really that far from the coast at all... The boat ride only took a little over an hour... But hey we got to see the Queen Mary on the way there, you know the old ocean liner that the recent cast of last comic standing stayed on... There sure are a lot of oil riggs off of the coast though... That was kind of crazy...

I think I kind of expected the island to be flat for some reason... I guess it's because when I went to south padre island Texas in the gulf coast it was totally flat... Catalina was definitely not flat in fact it had some awesome hills, and cliffs... I was told that there are only 2 cities on the island, but lots of little camps for the scouts, YMCA and stuff...

When we finally got to the island we didn't really have plan... Hmmm what would hot women with implants do on an island?


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