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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Becky got Banged....

Today I get a call from Becky and she said she was in a car wreck (T BONED) today.... She said that a guy had thought traffic was clear, but it wasn't (obviously).... The first thing I asked was if she was ok, (well she called me, at least she was alive!!!)... She is doing fine, her virgin boyfriend was going to take her to the hospital to get checked out bc she had a headache....(sue HIM!!!)

The good news is that the guy has insurance and her NEW car she just bought recently before moving to DC, will be fixed good as new... She said that she hopes to get a convertible rental car... That would be awesome bc when I come to visit in May, it would be cool to cruise in a convertible... Another good thing that happened from this T BONE is the fact that Becky can now have the damage from almost hitting a dear fixed also.... (sue HIM!!!)

Due to this near brush with death experience, Becky's Virgin has realized that nothing lasts forever... By almost loosing the one and only thing in his non sex filled life that gives him joy every waking moment of his existence, he has decided to finally have sex.... Yes people he will have premarital relations, pop his cherry, get boned, explore a cave, check the oil, pump the piston, get rode for 8 seconds, Dock his boat, Hide the Sausage, Do the tube-snake boogie, do the horizontal mambo, and most definitely scream her name!!!!!!!!!!!(sue HIM!!!)

Becky we are glad you are ok!!! Hey call a
LAWYER and sue his ass!!!.... I would say Ron Bell, but your in DC.... LOL...(sue HIM!!!)

I think she should sue this guy that banged her (not the Virgin), what do you think?

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