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Friday, April 22, 2005

I was Blog Banged today

Man did it feel great.... I bet you are wondering who banged me? Well it was my best friend Becky's roommate Kelin.... She orgasmically read every post I have written since I started blogging today all in one day... How do I know you ask? A pimp thing called a stat counter... LOL... Hey Kelin was it good for you? And don't tell your boyfriend you had blog sex with me bc he might be intimidated... LOL... I think blog sex is safe sex, hence the picture... LOL... At least I don't think there are blog STD's... LOL...

So since I'm a slut I decided to Bang another blogger, man is she a hottie....
Her name is Talking Tina, and yep I read every post on her blog since she began... Oh yeah it was very orgasmic... LOL we even exchanged some link action... I guess you can say that was a good BANG! So go and BLOG BANG someone today... And maybe someone will bang you back? Spread the love...


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