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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The legend of Shmitty

Today to my surprise my Penis(Shmitty) got some fan mail... Some girls (at least 2) want to know the legend of how shmitty came to be...

Hows your back doing? did you go to a doc yet???? you should if it still
so you need to do that post about Shmitty! cuz we want to know!!!!
lol write me back PLEASE PLEASE!!! today is one of those days that is going
to DRAG ass, and make me missirable! :( so entertain me please!


It all started when I fist saw the doctor the day after Christmas 1974... Wait that's too far back... LOL... Lets fast forward to college... In my first year of college I was with my so called girlfriend at the time... The sex was great... Probably because I was in love and didn't know any better... This is a time when I started partying pretty heavily.... What I didn't realize was when I drank to a certain point I wasn't myself... My so called girlfriend used to tell me I drank to much, but I was fresh in college, and wanted to experience everything... Which I pretty much did... Oh did I mention the so called girlfriend after high school went to a college in Portales, NM, which sucked ass... So with her in a far off land my partying skills got really good...

When I would drive across the desert to visit her, sometimes I would be in the mood to party.... Sometimes I would party to the point I wasn't myself, and my penis would take over... I would get SUPER horny, and want to have non stop sex for hours... My so called girlfriend would say when I was in that state " you are shitty huh?" or "Why do you have to be shitty to have fun".... My penis not understanding the term Shitty = drunk off your ass silly, would change the word and say " what you don't like me when I'm Shmitty", "Shmitty wants some lovin", or " Me Shmitty you Jane aaaaaaaahahahahaha aaaaaaaahhahah" LOL... When I was sober I did not remember my antics of changing the term shitty into the name Shmitty... Not too long after one of these crazy nights my so called girlfriend told me about what I did... This is when I decided to name my Penis Shmitty....

Every those days I've had to control how much I drink in fear that Shmitty will take control... Why you ask? Well because Shmitty can get crazy at times, and Shmitty has no standards or boundaries... Shmitty has snarfled too many garthogs to even admit too... He will pretty much bang any girl he sees... Hey don't get excited I said PRETTY MUCH!!!! Plus he doesn't see very well, only having one eye and all.. LOL...

Shmitty would like to thank his 2 fans... LOL...

Long Live Shmitty!!!!!
Shmitty for President!!!

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