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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Drunken fun in the stone age...

Friday night rocked!!! My friend Vato Jay(VJ) and I had a kick ass time Friday night... We started off with drinks at the library and maloney's, and the main reason for that was because I didn't want to stand in line... I hate Lines!!! Well since VJ is getting married on the 11th of June I started throwing drinks at him like Babe Ruth.... LOL... Oh yeah and I was told I was too young for the first time... LOL.. I was talking to a hottie and it turns out she is 39, and said that me a 30 yr old was way too young... LOL.. That was funny!!! She also said that she had a 20 yr old daughter... Man, I was so close to saying something that I'm glad I didn't say, Use your imagination... LOL...

Then we make our way to the Queens of the Stone Age concert... It was pretty packed... VJ had about 4 C&C's(crown & Cokes) down, and was headed for another... When out of nowhere this cute girl started looking at VJ... So we get to talking to them a little and find out her and her hot little friend were lesbo's... Yeah I was just as shocked as you are... When I think of Lesbo's I usually picture some huge manly girl with a mustache and a lumberjack shirt... LOL... So I get a bright idea, and well VJ needs some type of farewell to bachelorhood... Yeah I asked them if VJ could watch.... LOL.. And well........ Well... They said no, LOL... Go figure, I should of said we were with girls gone wild, and gave them beads for a show... Girls will do anything for beads!!! LOL

We got to see the last hour and 1/2 of the show which was awesome... We pretty much got to hear all of their hit songs which was good... This was the best picture I could get, with my crappy cell phone camera.... Oh well... Dude, I couldn't believe how many Goth people were there that was kinda funny.... So after the concert we decided to continue drinking...We end up back at one of the bars downtown, and by this time VJ has downed about 8 C&C's... We end up dancing with a few girlies, and VJ yacked on his arm a little... No it didn't happen while dancing but man that would be priceless... After that he kept asking me if he smelled, all night... LOL... Yeah then we danced some more... Later on I run into this girl I haven't seen in about 3 years, and she told me I lost a lot of weight.... Fist off I was like damn she must have thought I was a lard ass... Then I thought dude the running has paid off... That was pretty pimp!!!

At the end of the night VJ had about 10 C&C's, this sounds like a lot but he's a tall guy, like 6'3 200... And on the drive home he tells me... "Dude, you haven't seen me this drunk since the night I sucked on Quan's titty's"... Holy shit I died laughing... I had no idea, well I knew they kissed that night because quan told me, but THIS I had no clue... That statement was PRICELESS... He then kept saying it the whole way home.... What a Kick ass night, I haven't had that much fun in a long time....

This is what Quan might look like with a boob job... But reguardless he really liked her titty's!!!

Good Times!!!

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