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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Bet !!!!

Jane and I are betting on the Texas VS USC game on Jan 4th....

Listed below are the terms of our ...

#1- The person whose team wins (The Longhorns) will get to write a post on the losers (USC) blog... It will remian for one week **STICK POSTED** (meaning you must change the post date to one week in advance so all new posts will go below that post until the week is up)... The post must pertain to the game and the winning TEAM (the longhorns), and bragging about the winning team (the longhorns)(no talking about knitting, or anything gay that might lose readers!!!)

#2- The person whose team wins will also get to have the logo of the winning team put in the sidebar of the losers Blog... The logo must remain in the losers (about me) picture for a period of 4 weeks.... And it has to be the LOGO picture (longhorns) of the winners choice...

P.S. Hey check it out everyone!!! My best friend Goose used the picture from my blog for her banner at the game!!! This is awesome... My mousepad is now famous!!!! That's what that picture is of, my mousepad at work... LOL... Goose you rock!!!
Good luck Jane!!! (she'll need it)
Hook 'em Horns!!!

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