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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The couch Saga

Most of you know, that I was borrowing my cousin Nova's couches... We mainly had them because he had no where to put them, So we told him we would use/store them for him... In the past we had some trouble with Nova taking them away when he and Phil got into some battles... LOL..

Recently, he had moved out of his place and got a new place where he needed the couches... AT first he wanted to sell the old couches to us at a ridiculously expensive price, which I had to decline..

So Phil and I went shopping for brand new couches!!! These are them in the pic above... Kinda soft suede material, and a lot more comfortable than Nova's couches... When we went to buy the couches, we ran into a little problem... The guy that sold us the couches said he had the luv seat in and we could pick up the big couch in 2 days... It turn out that the fucker lied, and we didn't end up getting our other couch until around 2 weeks later!!!! But hey now no one can take my furniture away!!!! Hell yeah!!!

Damn did I just get excited about couches? Fuck I'm getting old!!!

P.S. Fircracker asked who of the 3 of us will break in the couches first... LOL...

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