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Sunday, January 29, 2006

SHNACKY of the WEEK!!!

I recently saw the movie , staring .. The movie is about this hot vampire chick that kicks ass... In the movie she has these wicked bright blue eyes, and I know they're contacts but still they are awesome...

She also has a kick ass almost nude sceen in the movie that made me go insane!!!! I thought she was hot in the first Underworld, but damn did she kick it up a notch.... Craig & Phil give this movie 2 shnacky's up.... I mean seriously how could you go wrong, a hot chick in tight leather, beating the shit out of hairy wolf men, shooting guns, and being almost totally nude...

Well here are a couple more pics of her just being sexy!!! enjoy.... Maybe next time I'm in hollywood I might run into her... LMFAO...


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