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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Are you Hittin that?

The Tv show Lost is like crack!!! And Last night this show hit a new high... A few things were crazy...

That dude Charlie is crazy, WTF is up with the crazy ass infatuation with baptizing the damn kid? I mean he is a freaking crackhead, how the hell did he get so religious all the sudden???

But some of the shit that made me laugh my ass off, were when the Fat kid started telling everyone that he had a thing for the therapist chick... The fat kid ends up telling Sawyer about his crush, and Sawyer spotted the therapist chick getting ready to do some laundry...

Then Sawyer says "Don't you have to drop a huge load?"

LMFAO now that's just priceless... And if you don't understand the hidden meaning you have to be retarded!!!

The next thing that was awesome was when Ana Lucia and the DOC were building her new beach front apartment...

When They started talking about Kate..

Then out of nowhere Ana Lucia says "So are you HITTIN that?"

That just had to be total improv... Because that's so fucking funny!!!!

Man would I bang that Kate girl!!! She is sofa king hot!!!!


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