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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I got busted!!!!

Today at work I was called into the bosses office.. And he said that big brother has been watching me for some time now, and I was breaking the law...

Just when I thought I was home alone I find out the people upstairs... Literally upstairs have been watching my every move... I kinda felt violated... Like being molested by MJ or something...

So now I have been banned from the internet and all of it's wonders while at work... This means, No IM chats anymore.... No reading my favorite blogs anymore.... No checking email anymore.... No looking up song lyrics anymore... No more looking up porn sites (LOL JK).... I would have definitely been canned for that...
So basically now I will have no entertainment what so ever... But at least I still have my job WHEW!!!

This sucks ass!!!!

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