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Monday, February 06, 2006

Go to Jail, Don't pass Go & Don't collect $200!!!!

Jeff ran away and now he's in jail!!!!

Yeah, right. He got away?



through the truck window...

No shit?

yep, no shit!!!

He jumped out Phil's truck?
While he was driving?

No while he was parked...

No shit? Wow. He must really like Phil.

Then was arrested for drug trafficing & prostitution....

Huh? Phil was?

no jeff was!!!

Holy shit dude!
Is he in jail?

jeff is in dog jail...

Jeff had drugs on him?

yeah he was dealing cat nip....

I didn't know that was a crime.

me either....

Fluffy did that for awhile too.
But he cleaned up.

Yeah it sucks how dogs get into drugs these days...

Jeff has Ho's?

Yeah Jeff has lots of bitches!!!!

so phil has to bail him out tomorrow morning....
bc the pound is closed today...

Don't worry Jeff will be ok!!!
More details tomorrow

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