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Sunday, July 23, 2006

AARRR Matey I jumped ship!!!!

Well It's official... After 2 seasons with the DC's I decided to jump ship... The first season was great with the DC's, but last season got a little crazy with all the shit talking and stupid gay drama that went on... I was actually considering just sitting this season out and not playing at all... But then my Best Friend Big Al asked me to be on his team "The All Blacks" which is actually the team I played for during the national tourny when we took 3rd.... So I figured what the hell and did it!!!! See most of the shit talking was from my old captain and a handful of players, about Big Al, BC he had started his own team... At first it was just fun and games, but then these stupid ho's had to take it to the next level, which made it not fun at all....

Here I go starting the new season with a new team and the slate is clean... Until my old team start taking shit about me for leaving... LOL... They probably don't know yet... LMFAO!!!!

Cheers to new beginnings!!!!


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