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Friday, March 04, 2005


On Sunday Rude Dog and I went snowboarding, oh yes there was snow everywhere.... This was a good time for sure... We got up early and got the first tram up.. We are such bad asses... We get up there and it's not crowded either... LOL! But when we were on the tram Rude Dog realized that he forgot his gloves!!!! This was not a good move because we couldn't go back until the end of the day...

Another bad thing is Rudy didn't have much money, so I offered to lend him some, and he said no he will tough it out... Hey you can lead a horse to water, right? Anyways he did tough it out, very tough he froze his ass off!!! At the end of the day he found his gloves in the back of my truck... He remembered some Dumbass tourist asked him a question and he, (being the talker he is) spaced them out... The morel of the story is to not talk to tourists or pin your gloves to your shirt... LOL...

Now tell me if this doesn't look awesome!!!! 82 inch base and powder everywhere..Nothing but good times!!! Snowboarding's the source.. it's where you can loose yourself and find yourself at the same time... It will change your life I SWEAR!!!

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